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particles system html5 canvas

particles are small entities such as a smoke particle , blood or water particle just to give you an idea the first step of particle implementation is a particle manager its role as the name states is to be the super particle instead of deploying a single smoke the particle manager is like a bunch of smoke you can modify the code a few tweaks and it works well on any HTML5 canvas game
well use fire as the particle manager
producing flames whenever needed

I attached a gist with the code

Craters.js micro game engine

craters. js is a micro game engine it started out as a game.i later  decided to make it a game engine in case someone might want to avoid repeating the process of making a game from scratch it's minimal and very lightweight expanding the framework is easy using plugins for sound and collision detection portability is the main goal of the framework I'm always trying to simplify the framework
simple to use micro game framework lightweight and minimal weighing just 2kb zipped and minified includes all you need to get a game up and running in a few lines of code, a loop , update , render. which makes it simple to modify and hackable framework. leaving enough room for the game logic. suitable for js13k games competition or anyone trying to build a game using a skeleton framework as opposed to complex alternatives